Scrapbooking Made Simple


Scrapbooking is not the latest craze; it’s been around as long as I can remember around the same time as Decoupage, and that as been around for years now. Using a Cricut makes scrapbooking a seamless breeze to do, makes your hobby much more fun to do, and to my mind this is what having a hobby is all about.
Since the innovative idea of digital cameras, Scrapbooking as come into its own, and due to the high number of people now doing this hobby, as brought about the Cricut. Since digital cameras, it’s a sad fact that the traditional photo albums have since been left behind, but more and more people are now taking those digital images and creating masterpieces by using the Cricut for Scrapbooking.
With all the advance technology these days, creating a project or idea if you like, as been made much easier by using the Cricut, and is simple to use by way of a touch of a button. If I was to describe the Cricut to you, I would describe it as a lightweight machine, that can be transported anywhere you so wish, basically it’s designed for travel, if you are serious about purchasing one, I can most definitely recommend the Cricut Expression also the Gypsy Cricut. If you are an art student, then the Cricut would easily be transported to your art class quite easily.
The Cricut is more or less a photo printer, which comes in to its own by helping you with your design, to use in your Scrapbooking Projects, and as the ability to create, design and cut various shapes and sizes for all of your Scrapbooking projects up to 24 inches, and cuts any paper, card stock, vellum including chipboard. 
The Cricut Expression Web needs the use of a computer to use the Design Studio, if you intend taking Scrapbooking seriously and not only as a hobby, then an investment in a computer is most certainly worthwhile, as you may be reading this from a friends computer, or even from a computer belonging to your local library.
You can own the Cricut Expression Web for $350.00, and can be purchased from most retail outlets, including those advertised on my website, for as little as $150.00 USD, THE Cricut cartridges can cost you $80.00 USD, but there are Internet deals priced at just $30.00 USD, don’t forget though, each cartridge comprises of at least 2000 images that you can use over and over again quite extensively.
I know a few people who create wonderful projects with this machine, and use it to cut letters, shapes, phrases into big or small sizes, it not only cuts paper, and card stock materials, but also cuts through thin magnets including some fabric (must be stretched first) including etched glasses, this machine actually helps you to save paper, and allows you to make multiple copies of your saved project.
Here Are Just Some Of The Things That You Can Create:
· Create beautiful Scrapbooks
· Greeting cards
· Calendars
· Posters
· Signs
· Home Décor
· Resources for teaching
· Promotional Business Products
· Including any announcement in a matter of minutes
Hobbyists and crafters like yourself can turn some pieces into very creative works of art, you can actually establish yourself as a skilled crafter, and there is no law to say that you can’t, you could if you really wanted to, create projects that you sell to the members of the public, either in person or from a website, the world is your Oyster.

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