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Easter is the time when you can relax and enjoy your off days. You can take a break from the car pool, doing laundry, stuffing sandwiches to avoid missing the last train, and many such activities that keep you on your toes throughout the day. So, how do you spend the entire day?
If you are not a couch potato, you can try scrap booking. By doing so, you can not only capture the precious moments in your scrap book but recall and relive the memories of Easter, Christmas, or just about any occasion, you want to cherish throughout your life. Let us get an insight into these ideas and how you can make yours special.
Photographs form an integral part of the scrap books. Right from the time you start making preparations for Easter till the time the celebrations end; you can capture all these moments in your camera and set them in your scrap book.
We all know that Easter is associated with eggs, bunnies, fish, and bells. Easter eggs especially play a vital role on this occasion. Eggs are dyed, they are gifted. In some places (Armenia for instance), the yolk portion of the egg is siphoned out. When the egg shell is empty, it is cleaned and colored brightly. Each and every moment can be a part of your scrap book.
Hunting for eggs, rolling them down the hill and many such scenes can be stored permanently in your Easter scrap book.
These days, you will find that Easter bunnies or hare and eggs come in form of pure chocolate. So, as you are putting one of these huge giant sized eggs inside your mouth, you can capture the funny moment too.
Easter dinner is also a time to meet everyone, reconnect with the ones who live far away. Click photographs of all the family members at the dining table. Several years down the line, this could be your only photograph that has all your siblings and loved ones. So, by no means, should you lose the opportunity to treasure this snapshot!
Easter eggs, fish, bells, and bunnies are also given away as presents. So, you can keep them in your scrap book. This is one of the Easter scrap booking ideas that can help you to remember someone dear for several years to come. For instance, you may have received an Easter memento from your school friend but now he/she may have traveled miles away from you. So, every time you see this memento in your Easter scrapbook, it will remind you of your friend.
Easter is also a time for exchanging gifts. You may have liked a small souvenir gifted to you by, let us say you neighbor. It is one of your favorite gifts. So, you can secure it in your scrap book.
Oftentimes, you will come across interesting clippings related to Easter. These clippings appear in newspapers. You can cut these clippings and keep them safely in your book.

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