Picture Framing Glass

Human ingenuity has actually come up along with a lot of great uses for glass to surround and support a photograph, and personalized glass picture frames add a brilliant flourish of individuality to a photo that you are displaying. These frames are similar in concept to laser engraved wood picture frames, where names or a personal message, or a combination of the two, are etched into the surface of the frame itself.

Personalized glass picture frames have actually a very different look and feel than custom wood frames, however. The clean, crisp elegance of the glass along with its smooth etching fits in almost every situation and matches nearly any taste. The frames are truly modern or contemporary in design, yet they are additionally timeless – beautiful art objects as well as practical displays for pictures.

Where wooden frames are mostly used for informal pictures, glass picture frames along with a personal message added can fit into formal, professional circumstances just as easily as into the most relaxed, informal ones. They look just as sophisticated on a lawyer’s desk as they do on the old coffee table at estate where you have actually your computer set up. In short, they are universal in their uses.

Typical Easel-Style Personalized Glass Picture Frames

Among personalized glass picture frames, some of the most common – and most popular – are tablet-type frames that hold a 4” by 6” photograph and stand upright on easel legs. They can be placed in several different spots – on shelves, on the dresser, as a centerpiece to the dining room table, on the mantelpiece, even on your desk at work. They look good anywhere there is a flat surface to support them.

Usually, one half of one of these frames is the actual frame, along with a space to put either a horizontal or vertical 4” by 6” photo (or some other common, small photo size piece). The other half, next to the picture, is a space along with decorative elements like scrollwork around the edges.

The custom message is inscribed in the middle of this half, using an appropriate font. Flowing, romantic script is favored for anniversary or wedding frames, for example, while a graduation picture may use bouncy, celebratory fonts.

Facing the frame from the front, the picture is on the left and the writing is on the right – though from the “perspective” of the picture, the photo is on the right, a cultural relic of the olden days when the rightmost position was the most honorable, since the rightmost man in a line was not covered by the shield of a man next to him and therefore needed to be exceptionally brave.

These glass picture frames usually stand on two glass easel legs, or a single easel prop made out of glass, allowing them to be set up everywhere there is a level area.

Other Configurations Of Personalized Glass Picture Frames

This naturally isn’t the only way a glass picture frame along with personalized lettering can be set up, and there are others that reverse the position of photo and words, put the words on the top or bottom, and so on. Whatever you think looks ideal for personalization purposes, you can likely find it offered somewhere, and can use it to display your pictures in one of the most stylish manners available today.

Personalizing glass picture frames to commemorate a special event or person adds more meaning to your photos.  Names, dates, and artwork can even be etched onto the glass frame to your exact specifications.