Scrapbooking Made Simple


Scrapbooking is not the latest craze; it’s been around as long as I can remember around the same time as Decoupage, and that as been around for years now. Using a Cricut makes scrapbooking a seamless breeze to do, makes your hobby much more fun to do, and to my mind this is what having a hobby is all about.
Since the innovative idea of digital cameras, Scrapbooking as come into its own, and due to the high number of people now doing this hobby, as brought about the Cricut. Since digital cameras, it’s a sad fact that the traditional photo albums have since been left behind, but more and more people are now taking those digital images and creating masterpieces by using the Cricut for Scrapbooking.
With all the advance technology these days, creating a project or idea if you like, as been made much easier by using the Cricut, and is simple to use by way of a touch of a button. If I was to describe the Cricut to you, I would describe it as a lightweight machine, that can be transported anywhere you so wish, basically it’s designed for travel, if you are serious about purchasing one, I can most definitely recommend the Cricut Expression also the Gypsy Cricut. If you are an art student, then the Cricut would easily be transported to your art class quite easily.
The Cricut is more or less a photo printer, which comes in to its own by helping you with your design, to use in your Scrapbooking Projects, and as the ability to create, design and cut various shapes and sizes for all of your Scrapbooking projects up to 24 inches, and cuts any paper, card stock, vellum including chipboard. 
The Cricut Expression Web needs the use of a computer to use the Design Studio, if you intend taking Scrapbooking seriously and not only as a hobby, then an investment in a computer is most certainly worthwhile, as you may be reading this from a friends computer, or even from a computer belonging to your local library.
You can own the Cricut Expression Web for $350.00, and can be purchased from most retail outlets, including those advertised on my website, for as little as $150.00 USD, THE Cricut cartridges can cost you $80.00 USD, but there are Internet deals priced at just $30.00 USD, don’t forget though, each cartridge comprises of at least 2000 images that you can use over and over again quite extensively.
I know a few people who create wonderful projects with this machine, and use it to cut letters, shapes, phrases into big or small sizes, it not only cuts paper, and card stock materials, but also cuts through thin magnets including some fabric (must be stretched first) including etched glasses, this machine actually helps you to save paper, and allows you to make multiple copies of your saved project.
Here Are Just Some Of The Things That You Can Create:
· Create beautiful Scrapbooks
· Greeting cards
· Calendars
· Posters
· Signs
· Home Décor
· Resources for teaching
· Promotional Business Products
· Including any announcement in a matter of minutes
Hobbyists and crafters like yourself can turn some pieces into very creative works of art, you can actually establish yourself as a skilled crafter, and there is no law to say that you can’t, you could if you really wanted to, create projects that you sell to the members of the public, either in person or from a website, the world is your Oyster.

Scrapbooking Ideas

Easter is the time when you can relax and enjoy your off days. You can take a break from the car pool, doing laundry, stuffing sandwiches to avoid missing the last train, and many such activities that keep you on your toes throughout the day. So, how do you spend the entire day?
If you are not a couch potato, you can try scrap booking. By doing so, you can not only capture the precious moments in your scrap book but recall and relive the memories of Easter, Christmas, or just about any occasion, you want to cherish throughout your life. Let us get an insight into these ideas and how you can make yours special.
Photographs form an integral part of the scrap books. Right from the time you start making preparations for Easter till the time the celebrations end; you can capture all these moments in your camera and set them in your scrap book.
We all know that Easter is associated with eggs, bunnies, fish, and bells. Easter eggs especially play a vital role on this occasion. Eggs are dyed, they are gifted. In some places (Armenia for instance), the yolk portion of the egg is siphoned out. When the egg shell is empty, it is cleaned and colored brightly. Each and every moment can be a part of your scrap book.
Hunting for eggs, rolling them down the hill and many such scenes can be stored permanently in your Easter scrap book.
These days, you will find that Easter bunnies or hare and eggs come in form of pure chocolate. So, as you are putting one of these huge giant sized eggs inside your mouth, you can capture the funny moment too.
Easter dinner is also a time to meet everyone, reconnect with the ones who live far away. Click photographs of all the family members at the dining table. Several years down the line, this could be your only photograph that has all your siblings and loved ones. So, by no means, should you lose the opportunity to treasure this snapshot!
Easter eggs, fish, bells, and bunnies are also given away as presents. So, you can keep them in your scrap book. This is one of the Easter scrap booking ideas that can help you to remember someone dear for several years to come. For instance, you may have received an Easter memento from your school friend but now he/she may have traveled miles away from you. So, every time you see this memento in your Easter scrapbook, it will remind you of your friend.
Easter is also a time for exchanging gifts. You may have liked a small souvenir gifted to you by, let us say you neighbor. It is one of your favorite gifts. So, you can secure it in your scrap book.
Oftentimes, you will come across interesting clippings related to Easter. These clippings appear in newspapers. You can cut these clippings and keep them safely in your book.


Scrapbooking has become an all time favorite hobby for millions of people!  What started out with just the basic supplies of decorative paper, stickers and borders, has grown into a wide range of scrapbooking supplies!  Supplies can be purchased at craft/hobby stores, retail stores, hobby shows, or online, as well as found around your home.  Whether you’re a novice or a pro, here are some supplies you’ll want to keep on hand.
•  The basics.  Keep a stock of: glue sticks, adhesive tabs, 2-way tape, transparent tape and scissors on hand.
•  Paper.  You’ll want a variety of paper: 12″x12″ themed paper, 8.5″x11″ themed and solid paper, cardstock, etc. Remember to keep your scraps as well; they come in handy!
•  Albums/page inserts.  It’s good to have a couple of plain albums that can be customized and several page inserts.
•  Hole punchers.  There are different types of hole punchers, such as seasonal, rounded corners or initials.  Whether you’re making a card, a scrapbook page or a photo frame, the hole punchers come in handy.
•  Rubber stamps.  Some people enjoy adding a design to their scrapbooking craft with rubber stamps.  Stamp options are endless and the ink color choices are plentiful.  
•  Stencils.  Stenciling adds a fun element to scrapbooking.  You can stencil borders, names, frames, etc.  
•  Stickers.  There are all sorts of stickers…clear, diecut, dimensional, embossed, glitter, etc.  Because stickers are small and can be time consuming to sort through, use an inexpensive photo album that has self-adhesive pages to store your stickers.  Simply place similar stickers on an album sheet and place the plastic over it.  You’ll be able to search for a sticker quickly and it won’t be bent.
•  Color markers and pens.  Keep a good supply of markers and pens on hand.  For most projects, you’ll want permanent markers or pens with a fine tip.
•  Paper cutter.  A paper cutter is a great tool to keep on hand.  Whether you’re trimming a picture, cutting a sheet of paper in half, etc., a paper cutter gives you a good sharp edge.
•  Decorative items.  You can never have too many little items on hand…buttons, ribbons, rose petals, glitter, sequins, beads, foil accents, prepackaged embellishments, etc.  Empty spice jars or baby food jars make great containers for these small items.
•  Borders.  Keep a good supply of borders on hand.  These can be put in the back of the album containing your stickers.
As much as possible, you’ll want to keep your scrapbooking supplies organized. Thankfully there are containers you can purchase that are designed to store paper, glue, hole punchers, etc.  If possible, designate an area of a room for your supplies.  If you’re able to have easy access to your crafts, you’re a lot more apt to use them.

Picture My Life Scrapbook Page


Cricut Artfully Sent Sentiment Card *New Product Sneak Peek*

I will be posting more FUN creations with Artfully Sent soon :)

Cricut Artfully Sent Swing Card *New Product Sneak Peek*

This is a 5×7 card with a circle swing.  It features *New* Flaxen Cardstock and ink, *New* Happy Birds Stamp Set, *New* Gold Sequins.  “Thank You” was stamped with *new* Have a Happy Day Stamp Set and the Flowers were stamped with *new* Happy Birds Stamp Set.  The black circle vine was also cut from Artfully Sent.  This is such a quick and easy card to create :)  I can’t wait to see what other kind of swing cards there are!

Chalk It Up Level 2 Artwork

Close To My Heart has actually created some amazing artwork along with Chalk It Up Papers and Compliments.  

These Level 2 layouts are courtesy of Jeanette Lyntons’ Blog for your inspiration. They include no stamping—just paper packets, Complements, and a few accessories. Feel free to glean some ideas from them and then move full steam ahead into your next creative project!

12″ x 12″ School Year Layout
Make It from Your Heart™ Vol. 2: Pattern 7
X7184B Chalk It Up Paper Packet
X7184C Chalk It Up Complements
Z3009 Chalk It Up Assortment
Z1935 Black & Grey Epoxy Bubbles

12″ x 12″ You Amaze Me Layout
Magic: Secret™
X7184B Chalk It Up Paper Packet
X7184C Chalk It Up Complements
Z3009 Chalk It Up Assortment
Z2205 Black Exclusive Inks™ Re-inker

You can fin the supplies for these project on my WEBSITE!  

Happy Scrappin!

Inspired by Food

This week’s challenge over at Heart2Heart Challenges is Inspired by Food.  

A couple weeks ago we went fruit picking at a local u-pick farm.  The fruits were delicious, the scenery was amazing and the company was fabulous.  

I decided to scrapbook this adventure with Studio J.  

I used the Flirty Kit for this layout.

You’ve heard me rave before about Studio J, and this is no exception!  I took tons of pictures and was able to incorporate lots of them in this layout without having to print any of them, or crop any of them.  I just uploaded and dragged them into the slots.  EASY PEASY!

I hope you’ll play along with us a Heart2Heart this week!

Get Inspired!!!! New Product Blog Hop

I’m SO EXCITED to finally share with you the all new ANNUAL INSPIRATIONS IDEA BOOK from Close To My Heart!

Here is a card I made as a make-n-take for my team meeting last month.  

The background paper is from the Whimsy Paper Fundamentals set, in thistle.  One side of the paper has a glossy pattern while the other side is thistle and white.  There is Teal Glitter Paper here as well.  The butterflies and sentiment are from Your Own Kind of Wonderful.  I used several of the new ShinHan Twin Touch markers to color the butterfly and add some shading:  Cerulean Light Blue, Lavendar, Leaf Green, Vivid Green, Tender Pink, Peony Purple and Peacock Green.  Inks used: Black, Lagoon & Cotton Candy.  I added some Black Shimmer Trim, punched with our Scalloped Border Punch.  Finally I embellished with some Flamingo Dots.

Paper Fundamentals Whimsy Assortment
Z2033 $19.95


Teal Glitter Paper

Z1991 $5.95

Your Own Kind of Wonderful


ShinHan™ Touch Twin™ Cerulean Blue Light Marker
Z2449 $5.95

Scallop Border Punch

$17.95 Z1851

Black Shimmer Trim

$4.95 Z1809

Flamingo Dots

$3.95 Z1934

Be sure to head over to my website to check out ALL the fabulous NEW products!  

And of course keep checking back here for more NEW creations :)

Cricut Artfully Sent Pop-Up Balloon Card *New Product Sneak Peek*

Remember to get on my priority order list for this amazing Cricut Artfully Sent cartridge to be one of the FIRST to create with it :)

Check back tomorrow to see another card created with Artfully Sent :)