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Scrapbooking really is an age old hobby! It’s largely thought of as quite a traditional pastime; but is this traditional form at risk of falling victim to the digitalisation of photography? With so many tiny, mobile devices including phones and MP3 players now coming equipped with cameras, as well as digital camera prices falling, we’re taking more photographs than ever before. However, we’re nowhere near as likely to go into a photography development shop with a traditional roll of film these days. In fact, the first time we cast our eyes on our snaps is now more likely to be at our computer screens. However, digital scrapbooking now means that people are turning to their computers to replace the traditional art of scrapbooking with a modern day digital version. But just what are the perks of each?
Real Scrapbooks Have ‘That Feeling.’
Ok, so you have probably heard that real scrapbooks have that feeling and that nothing quite compares with holding one in your hand, right? Indeed, nothing digital can really compete with that. But the perks of digital scrapbooking are serious contenders for compensating to some extent!
No Sticky Fingers With Digital Scrapbooking!
Forget sticking your fingers together with the pot of paper glue you sifted through your child’s pencil case for! You don’t have to mess around with fiddly bits of paper, glitter and all manner of other craft materials to get the look you want. Digital scrapbooking software is often a one click process when it comes to installing a customised template! Plus, if you decide you don’t like the theme you have just added, with a click you can change it. With traditional scrapbooking it would be one heck of a job to completely undo it and transform it.
Multiple Copies of Digital Scrapbooks
You can create copies of digital scrapbooks in a way you simply cannot do with the traditional ones. Want to send your digital scrapbook to twenty people? Fine – send it! Want to send a real traditional one to twenty people? Well that could be an expensive photography copying job, could soon add up in arts and crafts materials and will take you a heck of a long time as well.
Simple Storage
No risk of getting the corners of the scrapbook all ruined somewhere in the bottom of a drawer or getting your newly made scrapbook crushed by some one sitting on it. You can store it on your computer, on a tiny little memory stick or even in an email account. Either way, you can be assured that when you come to show it off years from now, that it will be in perfect condition!
So with all these perks, just to name a few, digital scrapbooking really is an incredible alternative to the “real thing,” as we progressively move towards the complete digitalisation of photography. Modern technological advancements do not have to mean the end of traditional hobbies of this type. It simply means we have to adapt them and digital scrapbooking is a perfect example of that.

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