Picture Frames

Picture framing brisbane Picture frames are great way to express the creativity in you. From child art to professional drawings, proper framing adds a unique look.

Some people like to show off photos of their family and great ancestors in big frames to attract the guests. Decorating your residence along with nice photos is a great idea.

It is better to keep similar type of framing for all the photos you are displaying. You can go for a collage fashion if you are bit modern. Do you know that frames alone can be used as a good decor item? Use it in a different way. Paint your ornate frame and use it as a beautiful mirror. What a great and inexpensive decoration idea!

If you are a professional photographer or artist who likes to conduct an exhibition for popularity or sales, frames can help them a lot to handle the pictures safely and it can give more visibility to them. Nothing will happen even if someone touches your great treasure along with their dirty hands.

Select the frame which further boosts the beauty of your artwork. Normally traditional frames are the best choice for paintings and painters and artist usually select the wooden ones rather than a synthetic or plastic frame.

The price per photo frames depends on the quality, size and which one you choose. Ready-made or custom ones metallic picture frames or minimalistic styles are the most effective option for the photographers.

In order to give more appeal to your black and white photos, it is better to use a picture frame along with white wide mat board. This will bring the attention of the viewer to focus on the centre of the frame. Painters and artists usually prefer a wooden frame to display their work. The main reason for using the wooden frame is that it can be painted, stained or glided in different colors. A painted frame will give a more attractive look to the painting or photo.

The ready-made picture frames are available in different shapes and sizes and custom ones are normally built to suit the image and not just from stock. The cost of photo frames or ready made frames are much less compared to the custom-made frames. Find out more in picture framing basics.

If your artwork does not fit into a normal sized frame, then go for custom-made frame. That is the most effective option for you. For custom made frames, you have actually to specify the correct size of your artwork. But, whatever frame you choose in the end, select the one which will further compliment your artwork. This will make your work more appealing to any viewer’s eye.

It is always best to choose a qualified picture framer to help you choose the best solution for your situation.

Picture Framing Basics

Have a bunch of pictures and want an economical way to display them all? This is where collage picture frames come in handy.

Collage frames are fantastic, cost-effective options if you want to display several pictures without buying a bunch of frames. Collage picture frames contain several picture openings that Have actually different sizes. along with collage photo frames, you will Have actually a safe, secure way to protect your pictures and enjoy sharing them along with your friends and family.

With digital cameras it’s tempting to take countless photos but unfortunately rarely do people print them out and enjoy them. along with collage picture frames, it’s easy to display, share and remember priceless memories in a neat, well-arranged display.

These frames come in a variety of shapes, styles, colors, and sizes, but come in two types – matted collage frames and collage photo frames along with several framed openings.

Matted Collage Picture Frames

Matted collage frames are generally less expensive because they Have actually only one exterior frame. Matted collage picture frames Have actually a collection of smaller sized openings that Have actually different sizes so you can display more photos.

Matted collages include a collage mat and frame, but you can also create your own matted collage frame. To create your own, all you do is buy a separate collage mat and then choose the picture frame you want that holds the mat. It will generally cost a little more to create your own matted photo collage frame but it does give you additional options to choose from.

What separates the matted collage frame from other frames is that the pictures must be secured to the mat’s back. There are a couple of ways to choose from depending on each picture’s significance. For important pictures, you can prevent damaging the photo by using linen tape or photo corners. But if the pictures Have actually less significance, you can just use tape that has actually a matte finish. Please be warned that using tape may damage your photo by sticking to the paper on the back of the picture. If you try removing tape that’s adhered to the picture, it’s finest cutting the tape then ripping off the paper on the back of the picture. Just remember if you use any type of tape (not designed for photos), you risk damaging your picture.

Another benefit of matted collage photo frames is that you can write or draw on the mat. The ability to personalize your collage frame is another reason why matted collage frames are so popular. 

True Collage Picture Frames

The other type of collage frame has actually multiple framed openings. These frames can either be found as a cluster of mini frames put together, or can be one frame along with metal or wood as a divider separating each photo. This frame basically holds larger photos and offers fewer picture openings compared to the matted collage frame.

These photo frames come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and designs. Even though most collages are designed to hang on the wall, some do include easel back stands for displaying pictures on a tabletop. Those that include built-in easel back stands are the higher quality collage photo frames in sizes smaller than 11×14.

A collage frame is the perfect choice for displaying a medley of memories, such as family gatherings, wedding celebrations, anniversaries, and family outings. Also, for students going off to college, collage frames are a great reminder of happy memories of family and friends back home.

Whether it’s for yourself or for a person else, collage picture frames are a stylish and economical way to display your favorite memories of family and friends.

Picture Framing Glass

Human ingenuity has actually come up along with a lot of great uses for glass to surround and support a photograph, and personalized glass picture frames add a brilliant flourish of individuality to a photo that you are displaying. These frames are similar in concept to laser engraved wood picture frames, where names or a personal message, or a combination of the two, are etched into the surface of the frame itself.

Personalized glass picture frames have actually a very different look and feel than custom wood frames, however. The clean, crisp elegance of the glass along with its smooth etching fits in almost every situation and matches nearly any taste. The frames are truly modern or contemporary in design, yet they are additionally timeless – beautiful art objects as well as practical displays for pictures.

Where wooden frames are mostly used for informal pictures, glass picture frames along with a personal message added can fit into formal, professional circumstances just as easily as into the most relaxed, informal ones. They look just as sophisticated on a lawyer’s desk as they do on the old coffee table at estate where you have actually your computer set up. In short, they are universal in their uses.

Typical Easel-Style Personalized Glass Picture Frames

Among personalized glass picture frames, some of the most common – and most popular – are tablet-type frames that hold a 4” by 6” photograph and stand upright on easel legs. They can be placed in several different spots – on shelves, on the dresser, as a centerpiece to the dining room table, on the mantelpiece, even on your desk at work. They look good anywhere there is a flat surface to support them.

Usually, one half of one of these frames is the actual frame, along with a space to put either a horizontal or vertical 4” by 6” photo (or some other common, small photo size piece). The other half, next to the picture, is a space along with decorative elements like scrollwork around the edges.

The custom message is inscribed in the middle of this half, using an appropriate font. Flowing, romantic script is favored for anniversary or wedding frames, for example, while a graduation picture may use bouncy, celebratory fonts.

Facing the frame from the front, the picture is on the left and the writing is on the right – though from the “perspective” of the picture, the photo is on the right, a cultural relic of the olden days when the rightmost position was the most honorable, since the rightmost man in a line was not covered by the shield of a man next to him and therefore needed to be exceptionally brave.

These glass picture frames usually stand on two glass easel legs, or a single easel prop made out of glass, allowing them to be set up everywhere there is a level area.

Other Configurations Of Personalized Glass Picture Frames

This naturally isn’t the only way a glass picture frame along with personalized lettering can be set up, and there are others that reverse the position of photo and words, put the words on the top or bottom, and so on. Whatever you think looks ideal for personalization purposes, you can likely find it offered somewhere, and can use it to display your pictures in one of the most stylish manners available today.

Personalizing glass picture frames to commemorate a special event or person adds more meaning to your photos.  Names, dates, and artwork can even be etched onto the glass frame to your exact specifications.

Picture Framing Magazine

Digital picture frames are a brand-new way of displaying your favorite memories in an easy convenient and digitally advanced fashion. Along with the introduction of digital picture frames, the method of displaying pictures has actually taken a revolutionary turn. When it comes to choosing the right digital picture frames for you, there are a lot of charming options and features one can choose from. One of the crucial features of a digital picture frame is its aspect ratio as it decides the height and width of the image. The standard full size of an image in a digital picture frame is 4:3 and is mostly preferred by people. However one can likewise go for a widescreen display, the aspect ratio for which is 16:9.

Having a digital picture frame is great, but as more and more people get them, it has actually become a struggle to make an impact Along with one as part of the overall design of your home. If you have actually been thinking about a theme for your digital picture frame to make it stand out, you are not alone. To help you, here are some great ideas for themes to use on your brand-new digital photo frame.

Resolution is another feature that will determine the quality of your images to a great extent. The more the numbers of pixels in every square inch more is resolution and clearer and crisper are the images. Therefore I need to choose high resolution digital picture frames. To give your picture a more vibrant look, choose a greater contrast ratio digital frame. The capacity of different digital picture frames likewise differs. Some can store 512 MB of images and some can store up to 1GB of images or more. The more the memory of the digital picture frame, the more images you can store. Digital picture frames not only come Along with different memory capacity but likewise in different designs and shapes and colors. It is perfect accessory for ones table or desktop.

Picture Framing Supplies

Let’s face it; the global recession has actually been harsh to the vast majority of people. With so lots of businesses facing financial uncertainty, plenty more people look like they could be heading towards the chopping block which is redundancy. For the fortunate few who have actually managed to find brand-new employment the global recession hasn’t been too bad, however, there are still plenty more people out there that are in search of employment.

At a time like this there is only one thing to do – carry out your hobbies! For lots of people across the UK, hobbies are a great way to escape the tension and strain that they face each and every day. A time when you can escape to your very own little world, hobbies such as knitting or painting are the ideal way to pass time if you have actually plenty of it on your hands.

If you haven’t already taken up a hobby, now could be the ideal time to do so. As you’re probably already aware, the Internet is a great source of information and the perfect place to get some inspiration for a brand-new hobby for you to take up. Even though you may think that you don’t have actually the money to take up a brand-new hobby, there are always items around your residence which can be useful. Take a camera for example – plenty of people have actually cameras lying around their homes which they only use when there’s a special occasion or they go on holiday. Get yourself into your garden to take some pictures of flowers or nature and when you’ve finished you should have actually them printed.

A great way to brighten up your home, once you have actually had your pictures printed you should have actually them framed. You can find a vast amount of websites that stock a broad range of picture framing supplies. From picture wire to hinged hangers, you’re sure to find all of the picture framing supplies that you could ever need online. Best of all, unlike high street stores online retailers don’t have actually costly overheads so you’re automatically passed on the savings when you purchase picture framing supplies online!

Picture Framing

Pictures are often considered to be an incredible form of expression and memory which not only capture specific minutes and events, but additionally specific emotions and time frames that create an incredible presence and amount of appeal for those that keep them. Quite often, pictures additionally allow for an incredible amount of nostalgia and heirloom appeal to help keep the past alive as well as provide a foundational appeal to moving forward along with life and the people and places that have actually been comprised of the life of any given person. In order to keep these treasured items safe, there must be a solid form of picture framing to ensure they last a lifetime.

There is no question that pictures are important to anyone. There is additionally no question that the framing involved along with any picture is additionally most important which makes for an incredible overall appeal to them for those that wish to cherish and display their photos over time. Thus, one should consider the type of frame they wish to purchase in order to fully capture and accent the actual photo in the process.

Picture frames are actually very readily available and offer up an incredible source of decoration and options for any given picture. Quite often, the overall appeal and mood of the picture is only enhanced and made better by the frame it is put in. Thus, the selection and overall offering of any framing category is definitely of great consideration overall.

When looking into picture framing for any photo, one must first understand the type of mood or scene the picture is capturing. Frames are often able to add to this overall mood and make for an incredible appeal of fashion and color. Thus, ensure the entire mood and appeal is captured in the photo along with the frame.

The overall occasion and setting of the picture could additionally sway the frame decision. There are frames made for just about any holiday, event, or special occasion that often adds an incredible decorative touch to any given photo. Thus, ensure one is able to provide this overall feeling int the picture to keep things as solid as possible.

Also, the time of year and season is additionally important for any picture. Often, frames are designed for specific holidays and special events that are easily captured in frames as well as the accent color involved. Thus, this should truly be a serious consideration in framing the picture.

The surroundings and place the picture was taken in is additionally an incredibly important step in picture framing. Basically, there are frames designed to match just about any surrounding or color event in any picture which ensures that the overall photo is enhanced as possible. Thus, keep the colors in mind of the photo for the colors of the framing.

Protecting the picture could additionally prove to be incredibly important. The structure and durability of the frame should be inspected to ensure it keeps the picture safe. Also, glass enclosures are additionally a great idea overall.

Finally, if the picture is in the form of a gift for someone, one should additionally consider their tastes and styles. Quite often, when a picture is given as a gift and placed in a frame that is not consistent along with their preferences, it is rarely display or simply placed somewhere beyond display. This is important to ensure the quality and memory of the picture remains intact.


In a manner, the scrapbook allows you to indicate off your events or thoughts so that alternative folks can get pleasure from seeing it. All these mentioned items preserve memorabilia and legacies. It is simply that the scrapbook dabbles in creativity and imagination whereas the opposite things are plain and simple.
Simply as with lots of alternative sides of life nowadays, scrapbooking has actually conjointly been modified with the appearance of the computer, internet and things like printers and scanners. This stuff of hardware have the identical result because the printing maintain scrapbook presentations. They all create the method faster and easier. Desktop publishing and brand-new software has actually also made scrapbooking easier for everyone.

You may have a scrapbook and not use a single piece of paper. Doing this is known as digital scrapbooking and it’s launched in popularity. Whereas all these new-fangled computerized ways use to be the domain of geeks and techno-nerds, they have currently branched out to the follow of scrapbooking.

Individuals of all ages from anywhere in the planet currently have access to lots of things to help them produce their own special scrapbooks. As a result of of the net and heaps of scrapbook oriented websites, the options have skyrocketed. Never in the past may somebody do as much as they will now. Another facet of digital scrapbooking fits in very nicely with the globe of social networking. Sites like Myspace and Facebook are a good match for displaying your scrapbooking skills.

Over the years, scrapbooking has actually gone from a hobby for elitists to these days where it’s a viable commercial activity. Each brick-and-mortar locations and websites have mushroomed into what you see today. It was once a small scale activity but now it is expanding day by day. With all the brand-new entries into the scrapbooking business, there are brand-new scrapbooking techniques and tons of them. As a result of of the myriad of choices for scrapbooking, it’s onerous to pigeonhole particular scrapbooking techniques.

There really isn’t any right or wrong way to decorate a scrapbook. This ends up in brand-new and distinctive scrapbooking techniques every day. Do not get me wrong, there are scrapbook techniques that can definitely benefit your presentation but a little little bit of imagination with a smidgeon of creativity can go a long way.

Thus where will one go to look for brand-new and completely different scrapbooking techniques?

There are websites, books, and friends who conjointly scrapbook. Scrapbooking is a learning experience and whereas you’re creating your masterpiece, you’ll see interesting techniques you will not have believed of within the past. Go ahead use them and share them with your friends. Get them to share their scrapbooking techniques too.

When you intend your scrapbook, take a while and assume the whole method through to the finished project.

You begin out with the most necessary portion of the scrapbook; the paper. Paper should be durable with a long life and be acid-free. You wish your work around for a very long time and the right paper is essential for long life. As you intend the planning of your scrapbook, keep mental notes regarding completely different supplies needed. Supplies like pens, inks and stencils should be fastidiously planned for to make your project. Go into each scrapbook with the correct planning and you’ll realize it easier to precise your thoughts and complete up with lovely presentations.

A lot of scrapbooking techniques highlight the need to own index pages or highlight pages. They will inform you regarding where to find them and the way to show them. These special pages should be instantly noticeable as special pages with unique colours and symbols.

Another manner to differentiate pages is with bookmarks with tassels. Tassels are both decorative and purposeful during a scrapbook.

There are a number of elements to the art of decoration. Decoration shouldn’t be overdone because it can create your project look gaudy. The correct kind of decoration is vital in scrapbooking techniques. Select decoration rigorously with planning before you start. Visualize it and then keep company with it. There are lots of decisions you can use. Stamps, elaborations, rub-ons, stickers, snow globes etc. will really glitz up your scrapbook if not done to excess. Choose rigorously and use every appropriately.

Want more versatility for your scrapbook?

Here are some ways in which to feature impact to your project. You’ll be able to add pop-up pages, trinkets that are connected to pages, punch craft, peek-a-boo and panoramic pages to create your scrapbook unique and wonderful. Scrapbook techniques are limitless and terribly diverse. Go ahead and explore these techniques and add versatility to your scrapbooks.
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September kit – Product Focus TAGS

Good morning!! Yesterday Ashley shared a peek into this month’s product focus on all the wonderful tags in the kits! Today, I am here along with the same product focus and hopefully inspire you to crack your September kit open and use up all those tags!

I used various tags from the main, DITL and both add-ons for this page:

Pieces of me

I started off along with the larger tags and then worked my way down to smaller sized tags to embellish the page:

Pieces of me cl4

The larger tags are great to use for layering like paper without a lot of work! Just add a piece of twine, button or epoxy dot to complete it off!

As you can see here – the kit(s) also have actually several smaller tags perfect for embellishing! You can easily use these to layer on your pages, add small bits of journalling or use them as they are!

Pieces of me cl3

Pieces of me cl1

Thanks for stopping by the blog today – come back tomorrow for more inspiration along with the September kits!

Scrapbook Workshops

Scrapbooking Workshops

Do you like to use Kits to get your layouts done? Do you like to use sketches for your layouts? Do you want to create beautiful artwork, but don’t think you’re creative enough?
I have a solution for you :) Close To My Heart’s Workshops on the Go Kits are for you!
With these kits, you will get the supplies and instructions you need to create TWO 2-page layouts and have leftovers for much more :)
These kits are for scrapbookers at ALL LEVELS.

Skylark Scrapbook Workshop
*Available through July 31st.

G1072 Workshops on the Go™ Skylark Scrapbooking Kit (includes):
Skylark Paper Packet ($9.95)
My Acrylix™ Skylark Scrapbooking Workshop ($17.95)
White Daisy Cardstock (1 sheets) ($0.83)
Whisper Cardstock (2 sheets) ($1.66)
Skylark Assortment ($5.95)
Slate Striped Twist Ties ($3.95)
Instructional Guide ($1.00)

Best Kit: These extras will make your artwork SHINE!
X7177C Skylark Compliments 4.95
Z1917 Lagoon Zipper lace 3.95
Z1961 White Enamel Shapes 5.95
Z1970 Skylark Textiles 8.95

Bonus Kits:  A- inks used in the kit, B- coordinating stamp sets.  
A- Inks Used
Desert Sand Ink 5.25
Slate Ink 5.25
B- Coordinating Stamp Sets

Here’s how it works….

*Commit to purchasing 6 months of Scrapbooking Kits, then you’ll get your 7th FREE

*Email me to sign up :)

Chalk It Up Thank You